I am a 2015 graduate of the San Francisco State University journalism department and have spent the past three years reporting all over San Francisco, both for print and online. I love doing both short hard news as well as longform magazine/anecdotal-style pieces. I have experience with working alongside translators and news teams, as well as flying solo and producing news pieces under the supervision of a single editor. I can produce video and audio pieces along with tex content. I have experience with breaking news/emergencies, crime, profiles, obituaries, person-on-the-street pieces, and event coverage, as well as data analysis.


I have a deep dedication to transparency in journalism; I believe that every corner that big news has cut has left a scar on the profession. This  means that it is up to younger journalists to be more gentle and honest with the craft than ever before. I pledge to do my best with all my reporting -- nothing but provable facts and quotes in important, relevant, and clear-cut coverage.